Larangan cryptocurrency India akan menjadi yang paling ketat di dunia

India will ban cryptocurrencies. The authorities will give cryptocurrency holders six months to get rid of stocks. This was announced the other day by a high-ranking official

According to the source, the Indian law banning cryptocurrencies will be the strictest in the world. All those who are involved in the possession of cryptocurrencies will face criminal liability. The ban will be the issue, ownership, mining, trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

It is a difficult time for a country of about eight million investors. Indian owners of digital assets should get rid of the cryptocurrency worth about 1.4 billion dollars. If they do not get rid of their reserves in six months, they will be penalised.

According to the authorities, the adoption of this law will effectively launch THE CBDC in India. The legal framework will be laid, and the introduction of the national cryptocurrency into the financial system will be more organic and easier.

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