SEC untuk mulai meninjau aplikasi ETF Bitcoin VanEck

U.S. regulator to determine fate of Bitcoin ETF in next 45 days

Consideration of the application for the launch of the ETF and the possibility of its adoption is an important milestone for the cryptosphere. ETFs are a profitable investment tool, so Bitcoin-ETF approvals are taken seriously.

The SEC will consider VanEck's application within 45 days. The fund will either be approved or rejected. The SEC can also delay a decision by 240 days, so the epic launch may last.

VanEck, like other parties, can give its assessment of the project within 21 days. In addition to VanEck, WisdomTree, Bitwise, and NYDIG, Valkyrie Digital also applied for Bitcoin ETFs.

Prior to that, all submitted applications were rejected by the regulator. After the appointment of a new head of the SEC, expectations of the cryptosphere have increased. Permission to launch the first Bitcoin ETF will make a real splash. In Canada, for example, more than $420 million was raised in the first two days of trading after the launch of the first two days of trading.

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