IRS: cara membayar pajak dengan garpu keras

The IRS has issued an explanation on how to properly pay taxes on the proceeds of the hard fork with the distribution of new coins

Bitcoin hard fork took place at 9:16 EST 01.08.2017. All BTC holders received the same number of BCH coins. Not all beneficiaries were able to use the coins at once. Coinbase users could withdraw tokens only in 2018. And other users were able to withdraw the free tokens received only after a while.

As the IRS explains, a taxable event occurs when a user gets real access to assets and can transfer funds.

That is, on the example, if Iren received one BCH in his account on Coinbase, at the time of access on January 1, 2018, price BCH was about $2500. Therefore, the taxable income must be specified $2500.

If the token was received on the wallet, the taxable event arose on August 1, 2017. At that time, Bitcoin Cash was trading at $200. And this amount should be paid as taxable income.

Thus, when you are earning income from the hard fork, you need to check whether your exchange supports the new token and when it will be available for use. This should be used to calculate taxable income.

Note that this is not tax advice, but just a private example. If you have difficulty taxing, contact a consultant.

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