Bagaimana anjing membantu polisi menemukan dompet BTC

Government services (customs, police, tax officers) use service dogs to search for hidden physical wallets to store cryptocurrency. Here's how it happens...

It is no secret that bitcoins and altcoins are not always used honestly. Many attackers store funds in physical wallets accumulated fraudulently or illegally.

They are small and easy to hide so that the search is difficult to find. But if so far it has been possible, then with the use of service dogs in the search the situation has changed dramatically.

The dog's scent is 40 times better than the human sense of smell. Dogs are trained to look for things that emit a special smell. All memory drives have it because of the presence of a substance called triphenylphosphine oxide. Thanks to this, the dog can easily find a hidden SD card, USB drive or hardware wallet.

The search method has been in existence since 2011 and has already paid off. Several high-profile prosecutions of criminals took place, thanks to evidence that found service animals.

For example, a dog named Bear, who found a flash drive with evidence of the guilt of Jared Fogle, helped to put the villain in the dock.

Dogs are also actively used in Argentina. They help to track down various devices at border points. This has reduced the diversion of currency from the country, as well as reduced the number of economic crimes.

So now, when you meet a service dog at the airport, you know what an important job it's doing.



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