Gibraltar Memperkenalkan Aturan Cryptocurrency Baru

Located in the south of Spain, Gibraltar has been considered a favorable country for cryptocurrencies for years. However, the evolution of legislation in the UK and the European Union has forced the Gibraltar authorities to rethink the framework

A working group has been set up on the island to safely evolve the DLT structure based on the changing regulatory environment, and facilitate global blockchain integration.

The expert group should develop principles for the oversight of the cryptosphere. The number of people who will be involved in the development include financiers and government officials.

The main task of the working group will be to create a coherent system of users and the market, guaranteeing minimum standards of efficiency, transparency and order.

As a reminder, Gibraltar is at the forefront of driving innovation and setting regulatory standards for virtual asset service providers.

The first cryptocurrency regulation was created in 2018. In 2021, the authorities want to maintain leadership by setting the right industry standards.