Gary Gensler: Cryptocurrency adalah katalisator perubahan!

At a Senate hearing where Gensler was invited to endorse his candidacy, SEC presidential nominee Joe Biden said he believes in cryptocurrencies

According to Gensler, this is a catalyst for change. These words confirm the positive attitude of the nominal head of the SEC in relation to cryptocurrencies.

As head of the cryptosphere regulator, Gary Gensler plans to promote innovation in this area. He also told the Senate Banking Committee.

According to Gensler, while teaching the basics of cryptography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he realised that cryptocurrencies have led to many positive changes:

  • They have become a breath of fresh air for the world of finance.
  • New thinking has been brought into this sphere.
  • Financial transfers have been made more accessible.

If we solve the issue of investor protection, you can actively work on promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations.

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