HSBC Inggris

The largest British bank HSBC has banned HSBC InvestDirect traders from trading shares of the American software provider MicroStrategy.

Last week, some Canadian users shared a message from HSBC urging MicroStrategy shareholders not to make new transactions with them. At the same time, the bank did not prohibit storing, transferring to one's own account within the InvestDirect platform or selling shares.

While MicroStrategy has shown itself to be one of the most crypto-friendly companies, HSBC officials said they have no interest in virtual currencies and promoting products whose value depends on them. It has been constantly updating its digital asset policy since 2018, according to the UK bank.

Today HSBC is more concentrated as one of the participants in the “blockchain camp” rather than the “cryptocurrency camp”. Previously, he collaborated with other banking structures on the launch of Contour.

Naturally, the reaction of the participants in the crypto community was not long in coming. Some have accused the bank of “discriminating against Bitcoins” and recalled the old sins when US departments accused HSBC of involvement in money laundering schemes from Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, fining $1.92 billion. Others asked quite a logical question: what awaits Tesla shares if they also hold more than 25,000 BTC?

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