Vitalik Buterin dan Brian Armstrong berbagi visi mereka tentang NFT

Vitalik Buterin is convinced that non-replaceable tokens can be used for important social purposes. Such as funding charities and public goods, in general, not treating the NFT solely as a casino for the rich.

According to Buterin, one of the main applications of NFT technology could be to solve the shortage of financing of promising projects, which has become chronic. But if you miss this opportunity, the unsuitable tokens will not be able to bring tangible benefits, except for the enrichment of another celebrity who sold the trinket to a mad fan.

But the crypto community has an opportunity to help form a useful result. Ultimately, the attractiveness of buying non-replacement tokens is a matter of legitimacy. As soon as people determine which non-replaceable tokens are interesting to them and which are not - it will be a signal for traders to buy the most interesting of them.

If the concept of NFT legitimacy is put in the right direction, we will get a reliable funding channel for charities and talented guys creating socially significant projects claims by the founder of Ethereum.

Vitalik is convinced that DAOs are able to "bless" the NFT in exchange for guaranteeing that part of the proceeds from them will go to higher purposes, which can also be distributed in different categories. For example: reducing poverty among the population of a particular country, financing the arts, important research in various fields, investing in journalism, etc.

The head of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, hastened to share his vision of NFT, saying that he considers the activity around NFT "exciting". However, according to him, it is too difficult for consumers to buy irreplaceable tokens today and takes 25 clicks. Armstrong said he personally checked it out, trying to buy one of the NFT as a test.

According to him, customers need an easier way to access NFT, hinting that the Coinbase wallet already has the ability to store its non-replacement tokens. But they want to make the system even clearer, so that the topic around tokens gained even more momentum and people began to understand how to operate them as efficiently as possible.

One of the main goals he singled out to reduce the purchase of tokens from 25 to 5 clicks. Then it is possible to influence not only the number of people buying NFT, but also not to allow the growth of this trend to slow down.

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