David Schwartz dari Ripple berhutang pada saudara perempuannya 2,7 BTC

David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, admitted that he owes his sister 2.77904 BTC for many years

This week, Schwartz tweeted on his account that earlier, several years ago, his sister paid for his plane ticket. He had to return the money in Bitcoins.

Despite the fact that a couple of times Schwartz reminded her of her debt, her sister was in no hurry to return. Even now, with 2.77904 BTC worth some serious money (about $106,000), David Schwartz still hasn't returned the debt.

According to CTO Ripple, he offered her BTC or XRP. His sister chose Bitcoins. Schwartz wrote that at that time there was a BTC wallet on his sister's phone, but she has not used it since then.

According to Schwartz, he wanted to introduce his household and family members to cryptocurrency and therefore, he offered cryptocurrency. Apparently, the interest hasn't progressed far.