Michael Bury menghapus halaman Twitter sesaat sebelum harga bitcoin meroket

The well-known financier Michael Burry, who became the prototype for one of the characters in the movie “The Big Short”, said that he never shorted cryptocurrency. Shortly thereafter, he deleted his Twitter account.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Burry revealed that he was never interested in the “cryptocurrency plunge” and is himself the owner of some of the tokens he bought earlier. He described his investment as “long term”, adding that he considered the selected cryptocurrencies “best” for himself.

At the same time, Burry is confident that digital currencies are “in a bubble” and most of them have not yet realized this fact. However, the investor considers blockchain as a technological breakthrough extremely useful and sees unlimited prospects in it. He also noted the benefits of non-fungible tokens, even outside the digital art market.

Burry's Twitter account often flashed reflections on what is happening with cryptocurrencies and the benefits of this market for specific individuals. Thus, the financier noted that they had become “the religion of real and fake people,” and also mentioned whole “armies” of promoters and crypto bots diligently lobbying for certain digital currencies and “meme shares”, stressing that speculation in this industry is the most aggressive in the history of finance.

Burry became famous not only for his lucrative bet on the housing bubble of the mid-2000s but also for his unintentional involvement in the "meme hype" by investing in GameStop in 2019. Earlier, he also criticized Dogecoin and other “pseudo-cryptocurrencies”, taking a position opposite to the views of Elon Musk and Katie Wood on the cryptocurrency industry, noting that the investment in Tesla was “just a deal,” and he himself is no longer shorting the shares of the tech giant.

Shortly before his interview with CNBC, Burry asked his Twitter followers how to properly short the new asset class. However, very soon the tweet was deleted, however, as was Burry's page on the popular social network.

Now, most of his subscribers are perplexed with what exactly this decision was connected to, especially against the background of the growth of Bitcoin, which soared today above the $64,000 mark. Burry himself has not yet commented on the removal.

Could this be another “silent” prediction?

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