McAfee: Saya dijadikan kambing hitam

John McAfee, who is in a Spanish prison, gained access to his Twitter account

For six months, attempts to release him under house arrest or seek extradition to the United States were rejected. In his first post in a long time, he wrote that the Government had decided to carry out a demonstration flogging and chose him for this purpose.

He became a scapegoat. He was chosen to attack and discredit the cryptosphere. After all, the case against McAfee is one of the first and most striking accusations of tax evasion from the proceeds of cryptocurrencies.

McAfee is a well-known figure in the cryptosphere. That's why he was the target of the Government's attack. American citizens should understand by his example that even the rich and famous will not escape responsibility. The same information was confirmed by John McAfee's lawyers in their official statement.



The U.S. Department of Justice charged McAfee with money laundering and cryptocurrency fraud. McAfee has pleaded not guilty.

In any case, even if he was to blame, his age was more appropriate house arrest than imprisonment. According to his wife, McAfee's health was shaken and he lost 15 kg in prison.

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