Komunitas Crypto mengkritik Brock Pierce atas kunjungannya ke El Salvador

Bitcoin Foundation Chairman Brock Pierce identified himself as head of the “official” Bitcoin delegation during a visit to El Salvador. However, community members were unhappy with this.

As part of a trip hosted by El Salvador's ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, Pierce said he was delighted to be the head of the delegation on behalf of the entire cryptocurrency community. But the community representatives themselves did not appreciate the loud statement of the businessman, demanding to tell who had appointed him to this “post”. He, in turn, apologized for the unfortunate wording, and then added that each member of the cryptocurrency community can call himself an “evangelist”, “ambassador” or “supporter”.

Some time after the visit, Pierce decided to share a photo of the Salvadoran newspaper LA Noticia SV, in the latest issue of which his photo was posted next to the photo of the President of the country. In his post, he added: "we are making history." But here, too, the billionaire was in for a fiasco. Users quickly saw through the "skillful" Photoshop, claiming that the news about the delegation in the newspaper and the photos were fake.

In addition, it turned out that such an issue of the publication did not even come out. It was based on an earlier issue, which depicts a doctor vaccinating a boy on the cover. And other elements around the fake photos were the same. Many also noted the extremely poor quality of the forgery, advising the businessman to find another specialist in graphic editors.

Nekti CEO Justin Newton, who attended the meetings in El Salvador in person, said he had seen the newspaper and even read it. A little later, when asked to confirm this, he posted new photos with her in his hands on his Twitter, saying that he had already arrived in Los Angeles. However, no one believed him, accusing him of spreading fake information and asking a fair question about why only the "delegation" saw this newspaper in the eye.

Pierce himself has not yet commented on the incident. Users, meanwhile, are actively joking in an attempt to find out why the businessman scattered fake newspapers at the hotel where Newton was staying.

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