Tether memastikan keamanan USDT

Tether, the world's largest stablecoins issuer, has submitted a warranty report confirming the security of USDT.

The report was prepared on 28th February by the Cayman Islands-based accounting firm Moore Cayman. It confirms the company's $35.28 billion in assets on the back of $35.15 million in liabilities.

The certification helped to assess the accuracy of the data and increase the "transparency" of the company's activities by putting Tether on a par with the largest issuers, such as the Centre consortium with its USDC, the Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Gemini Winklevoss brothers with their GUSD, and the PAX stablecoin.

Note that Tether released the report a month after the company and its "daughter" Bitfinex entered into a contract with the office of the New York Attorney General to investigate to confirm the security of their stablecoin.

The company is now required to provide a quarterly report on its reserves over the next two years. Against this background, Tether intends to release another certification report for March in March.

Tether's critics stressed that the report did not address tether's reserve storage, unlike its direct rival Centre and USDC, which hold them in depositary accounts. Although Tether themselves assured that 1 USDT is always equal to 1 USD

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