Pada 16 April, perdagangan mata uang kripto dihentikan di Robinhood

On April 16th users of the investment platform massively complained that they could not trade for a couple of hours

The pause in the work of the exchange appeared in the morning, at about 07:00. Two hours later, by 9:17 a.m., the site was reopened. At first, Robinhood's functionality was restored partially, and then completely.

The failure of trading on the platform led to criticism of Robinhood. Now, when the price of cryptocurrencies has risen, many have lost the opportunity to earn. There were even opinions that the platform became too cautious after the GameStop situation.

It is likely that Robinhood's leadership has good reason to do so. Despite the growth of investors on the platform, which was 600%, recently the company suffered serious damage.

Its license was revoked, and now half a million traders from Massachusetts can not use the services of the platform. Robinhood is trying to challenge this decision, but has not yet succeeded.

The company's management probably tries to prevent similar situations in the future. We remind you that you can buy and sell crypto on the Binance.

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