Deloitte Melakukan Survei Kripto Di Antara 1000 Pakar Keuangan

One of the largest audit and consulting firms on the market, Deloitte, presented the results of a poll conveyed among financial experts to find out their views on blockchain and digital assets.

Deloitte's 2021 examination was their principal new survey in the last four years in which the company looked at blockchain-based commerce. For this, over 1000 financial specialists from various countries were involved, including China, Brazil, Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore, Great Britain, the USA, Japan, e.t.c. The study itself was conducted from March to April 2021 until the events of May, when the cryptocurrency market began to temporarily stagnate.

Among the respondents, 81% concurred with the opinion that blockchain is “a widely and rapidly spreading technology”. 73% expressed the opinion that their business needs to integrate both blockchain and cryptocurrencies faster in order not to lose a competitive advantage. 65% of experts noted that security is one of the main obstacles to the adoption of digital currencies, and 60% also mentioned the regulatory issues of the new asset class.

But notwithstanding the concerns mentioned earlier, respondents acknowledged that blockchain and digital currencies are immensely popular today among finance professionals. 43% of them said that most enterprises will sooner or later accept digital currencies as a payment method, and 45% of companies will resort to tokenization of their assets. 44% of respondents agreed that cryptocurrencies will be a convenient way to gain access to decentralized finance and protocols used by token holders.

The most important thesis, the results of which will certainly delight crypto enthusiasts, was the question of whether crypto assets will serve as an alternative or a complete replacement for traditional currencies in the next 5-10 years. More than 3 4 of the respondents agreed with this opinion.

Respondents, like us, expect a wider use of cryptocurrencies in the foreseeable future, as well as solutions to infrastructure security, asset storage, taxation, and regulatory implementation in various countries.

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