Kraken menyumbangkan $100.000 ke Coin Center

Previously, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has already made donations. $3,000,000 was donated to Coin Center in 2018. The funds were spent on the development of the cryptocurrency sphere

Charitable donations help Kraken to be at the forefront of promoting blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This will allow to convey to a larger number of legislators the benefits of digital tokens, to familiarize them with the potential of the cryptosphere.

In addition to Coin Center, representatives of the Kraken crypto exchange donated more than $500,000 to other projects. For example, in December 2020, $150,000 was spent on Gitcoin, in November the same amount was spent on the Brink website.

In addition to Kraken, Grayscale also contributed $1million to the Coin Center account. The funds will go to ongoing research, the development of blockchain projects, and the launch of educational courses.