Pertukaran Crypto FTX telah meluncurkan platform perdagangan NFT

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX presented users with a platform for trading non-fungible tokens. Now everyone can join the ranks of dedicated fans of the exchange by purchasing one of the items with its symbols.

Most likely, having seen the mention of "NFT", many of you decided that it will be, as always, about digital subjects. However, in the case of the FTX marketplace, things are slightly different. Almost everything that is presented within it is supported by real things. The question is, rather, is it worth paying a few thousand dollars for a Star Wars print hoodie?

On the other hand, in addition to socks, caps, T-shirts, figurines, and other “digital goods” with the FTX logo, there are also a couple of truly unique lots on the site. One of them is an invitation to a personal dinner with the owner of a crypto exchange, 29-year-old billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, or a 30-minute conference at Zoom. The latter is apparently due not so much to the possible distance between the winner of the auction and the owner of the exchange, as to the security measures against the backdrop of the coronavirus. In addition, there is the option to play against the FTX team in the popular MOBA League of Legends. If you win 2 out of 3 matches, you will receive a new NFT with the title of “winner”.

The site has generally followed in the footsteps of other NFT auctions based on the Ethereum blockchain. But beyond that, she also leveraged the Solana system with a less voracious Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

As an addition, in the “FAQ” section, representatives of the exchange clarified that non-fungible tokens purchased by users may turn out to be illiquid over time, or may not initially have any value at all.

Perhaps, if you place such a disclaimer not in a special section, but directly under the lot, this can not only scare off potential buyers but also save them thousands of dollars.

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