Memilih Pertukaran Crypto – Panduan Utama Pemula

Exchanges are the main venues for all activities in crypto. Market participants looking for cheap crypto to buy have to select their venue of choice carefully. Users need to take into account the following factors when selecting a platform that will pave your way into a career in crypto.

The Type

All cryptocurrency exchanges are divided into two types - CEX (centralized) and DEX (decentralized). Here follows a quick comparison of their characteristics:


  • High availability of liquidity;
  • Fast operation;
  • High security;
  • High convenience;
  • Large array of tools available;
  • No user anonymity;
  • Custodial asset storage.


  • Unmatched security;
  • Full user anonymity;
  • Non-custodial asset storage;
  • Solid array of instruments;
  • Potentially limited liquidity;
  • Risk of slippage.

The choice of exchange type will determine whether the user will have some support to lean on in case of emergencies. Unlike decentralized exchanges that are not operated by a single legal entity, centralized exchanges will pay their users in case of hacks, and will grant access to lost wallet access.


A CEX acts as an intermediary between users seeking to conduct operations in crypto. As such, they charge a commission for every transaction, usually 2-4% of the transaction.

A DEX, on the other hand, relies on Peer-to-Peer mechanisms, leaving negotiations to the users without any interference, providing only the trading venue.


Convenience of use is a matter of extensive tuning, one that established CEX platforms have long perfected on the basis of feedback. Most DEX's are new and are slowly developing to integrate the DeFi, NFT, launchpads, as well as many other services, which can be found on most large CEX's.

Convenience also includes the availability of a round-the-clock support service in several languages, as well as an FAQ and knowledge section that users can refer to in case they are not familiar with the terms and purposes of some platform tools.

Key Takeaways

When selecting a crypto exchange to start in the industry, users must prioritize which characteristics they are looking for and value most. If accountability and high-paced trading with convenience is required, then centralization is the way to go. Should users value their privacy and high protection measures with some risk of slippage, then decentralized exchanges are preferred.

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