Ethereum naik menjadi $ 3.000

Cryptocurrency ETH is in reversal mode and has gone up. The number of blocked tokens in DeFi and other projects reached 13 million

A wedge-shaped trend was set on the daily chart. If the price of ETH breaks 60%, the coin will rise to $3,000. The upper limit will be set at $3,100.

The key resistance is $1,933. This could be a hindrance to the rise in the price of ETH. Bulls need to overcome this level if they want to establish a bull market.

At the moment, online indicators indicate the advantage of bulls. ETH2 deposit has over 3.62 million ETH deposits. That's about $7 billion.

13.27 million tokens are blocked in the network. The total amount of blocked funds is equivalent to $25 billion.

If the cryptocurrency can not overcome the level in 1933, its price will fall to $1,700.



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