Dokumenter Ethereum Mengumpulkan $ 1,9 Juta Melalui Crowdfunding

In a few years, the world will see a documentary movie named Ethereum: The Infinite Garden about the creation of the second cryptocurrency on the market and its main ideological inspirer Vitalik Buterin.

Initially, the goal of the organizers of the crowdfunding on the Mirror resource was 750 ETH, which is equivalent to $1.36 million. However, the final total fees from 662 users exceeded 1,035.96 ETH or $1.89M. Therefore, the team declared the fundraising was officially over and thanked those who offered to donate even after it politely.

The authors of the film promised to mark the most generous "donators" in the credits, as well as to present them with memorable non-fungible tokens authored by @pplpleasr. The NFT line will be named after the film Infinite Garden NFT.

For the filming of the movie, the Optimist film company attracted not only Vitalik Buterin but also one of the directors of the Ethereum Foundation Ayu Miyaguchi. Thus, the film will receive separate fragments of discussions with representatives of the Ethereum team, who are pleased to talk about the creation of the ETH "firsthand".

95% of the raised money will go towards the creation of the film, 3% will go to Gitcoin awards to help open source projects on the Ethereum blockchain, and the remaining 2% will go to the Carbonfund, which works to decrease the global carbon footprint.

According to the filming team, the movie will present the Ethereum as an "endless garden", and the blockchain will act as "fertile decentralized soil with representatives of flora and fauna." The very idea for Infinite Garden was suggested by Aya Miyaguchi.

How successful such an experiment will be in the world of crypto-cinema, we will be able to find out in the winter of 2023.

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