DeFi Meerkat kehilangan $ 31 juta dalam bentuk setara BNB dan BUSD

DeFi project Meerkat lost $31 million in Binance Coin and BUSD equivalent to an exploit. Although the project team claims that they are not to blame for what happened, members of the crypto community are sure that this is a hoax.

Users believe they are faced with the 'rugpull' or 'rug' type of scam. Its essence is to "upload" the value of the token into the liquidity pool, and then drastically withdraw funds ("pull the rug"), leaving other providers "at a broken trough" in the form of assets that have lost their value.

The Meerkat startup lasted only a day after launch. In their telegram channel, the team reported on a hacker attack, during which attackers stole 13 million BUSD and 73,000 BNB from their accounts. Now victims of the "hacking" have created their own channel in Telegram in order to return the lost funds.

The hackers amended the smart contract directly through the DeFi creators account, and then sent the coins to multiple wallets at once.

Perhaps they managed to steal the private key from the developers themselves. But it is more likely that the developers themselves simulated the attackers' "attack" on their project. Several audit firms Slowmist, PeckShield, and Certik were involved in the investigation.

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