Di California, database 9.000 orang dijual dengan harga BTC

The spouses, who served in the US Navy, stole and sold personal data (addresses, driver's licenses) of 9 thousand people for cryptocurrency. They face up to 20 years in prison

The anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies makes coins hostage in the hands of dishonest people. They use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to generate income from illegal activities.

This happened recently in California. A married couple with ties to the US Navy took advantage of their position and stole the data of 9,000 people. Subsequently, the information was sold for $160,000 in BTC.

Both spouses were arrested. They face up to 20 years in prison as the data stolen and sold was used in several episodes of theft of money.

The factor that put an end to this case was the message of the prosecutor about a flagrant violation of the law. This destroyed the line of defense built in by the couple's lawyer.

According to the stolen spouses, fake driver's licenses were made. According to them, a certain attacker tried to withdraw money from the bank account of one of the people from the list of victims.