Kantor Pengacara Inggris: Penipuan Cryptocurrency Akan Meningkat

The prosecutor of Great Britain expects that fraud in the cryptocurrency industry will continue its growth. However, so far the figures suggest otherwise.

The Crown Prosecution Service estimates that of the reported fraud cases, 86 per cent are cybercrime. One version of the formation of such statistics was the outbreak of coronavirus, which forced people to spend more time on the Internet, where there was always a lot of people willing to deceive them.

London police say more than 27,100 cybercrime allegations were recorded in the UK and Northern Ireland between 2019 and 2020. Of these, 5,500 cases are related to cryptocurrencies. The total number of fraud cases during the same period is 822,270.

Given the rapid growth of the digital currency market, it is still difficult for most new investors to understand it. But so far the statistics are pleasing - out of 3% of cybercrime cases only 0.6% were used cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the growth of bitcoins has not gone in vain - token fraud in Britain increased by more than 57% as of December 2020, when the main cryptocurrency significantly increased in price.

The greatest threat from the point of view of British agencies in 2020-2021 were messengers, dating services, as well as fake software and theft from bank accounts on the Internet with the help of payment cards of victims.

Due to the increase in fraud in 2026, the Court of Economic Crimes will appear in London. Its main task will be to reduce cybercrime in the country.

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