Bitcoin ransomware REvil menerima $ 11 juta dari JBS

The biggest American meat producer paid $11M in BTC equivalent to a ransomware group of hackers, named REvil, who break into infiltrating the company's systems, partially blocking its production processes.

The "mugging" turned out to be very similar to the recent “attempt” by cryptocurrency ransomware who blocked the Colonial Pipeline in mid-May. As a result of detailed analysis carried out after the ransom payment, the forensic experts concluded that the attack was not carried out to obtain valuable information. Data on the company's processes, its customers, employees, and suppliers have not been compromised. Apparently, the hackers were only interested in bitcoins.

The ransomware attack led to a delay in the supply of meat products to wholesale buyers in the US for a couple of days, causing short-term shortages and rising prices. The JBS director, Andre Nogueira, noted that it was unpleasant to pay money to the attackers, but they did it to protect the interests of the company's customers in the face of retail buyers, farmers, stores, and the restaurant business.

JBS hired cybersecurity experts to understand exactly how the hackers managed to break into the system. At the same time, the American authorities are actively studying the problem of cryptocurrency ransomware that hinders the normal operation of large enterprises. US Senators intend to take all necessary measures so that the country with the largest normal GDP could prevent destructive attacks by malefactors by punishing those responsible.

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