Peretas meretas Acer dan menuntut $ 100 juta di Monero (XMR)

The REvil ransomware has hit the servers of one of the world's largest PC manufacturers. Hacker demanded $100 million in XMR

The sum of $100 million for a company with annual revenue of more than $230 billion is a small thing. However, you will agree, to become a victim of ransomware is just a shame for the tech giant engaged in the IT sector.

Let's tell you more. Some hackers who developed the ransomware successfully infected its computers, and then gained access to the data stored on them.

They were accessed by financial data, transaction history, bank balances and correspondence. Evidence of the hacking was turned over to Acer along with a demand to pay $50 million to prevent the information from being leaked to the network.

The technology company did not confirm the break-in and contacted law enforcement. Note also that if the company does not do anything before March 28, the amount of redemption in XMR doubles.



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