10 wanita dari Pretoria membeli kolam Botswana, bukan bitcoin

Ten women from Pretoria, South Africa, were the victim of a scammer who bought coins disguised as bitcoin in 2019

The fraudster assured them that this is a very profitable investment. If they buy 1 bitcoin for 50,000 rand, their investment will pay off in a short time. That was in the early months of 2019. Then BTC was worth $3.5 thousand.

What was the disappointment of investors when they later learned that bitcoin is not a coin in the classical sense of the term. And what they bought is not bitcoin.

One of the women named Lisa laments and says that from her bitter experience she learned that bitcoin is not a coin. She says that it is impossible to give the wrong name to a financial asset. Because it leads to confusion and misleads inexperienced investors.

"How can you call something a coin if you can't touch it?"" she asks.

Lisa also says that when she heard about investing in bitcoins, she was very interested. She took a loan from a bank (100,000 rand) and purchased two bitcoins from the attacker for $7,000. And then I was just waiting to be a millionaire.

The fraudster explained to them that they were holders. That is, there is nothing to do with bitcoins. You just have to wait for their price to rise. The woman followed the advice of the bitcoin guru.

However, she later lost her job. After learning that bitcoin had doubled in price, she decided to sell one. And then it turned out that she had no bitcoins, and had 2 coins denomination 5 Pula.

Lisa went to the police. Reported that a fraudster from Nigeria, from whom she bought "bitcoins" disappeared. Police confirmed that the coins, bought under the guise of bitcoin, are a Botswana coin of Pula.

Law enforcement officials learned that the women, deceived by the fraudster, purchased expensive safes and stored fake bitcoins there. In this regard, the representative of the police noted that it is necessary to show wisdom and stop getting carried away with the scheme of quick earnings.

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