Jesse Powell: Lamborghini akan segera berharga 1 BTC

Every crypto-enthusiast know a meme about "cryptolambo", but few would seriously consider Bitcoins on their wallet in the equivalent of a Lamborghini standing in his garage. The founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken called sports cars a good indicator of the value of Bitcoin in the foreseeable future.

Jesse Powell is convinced that Lamborghini and Bugatti cars can be an excellent measure of the value of the main cryptocurrency on the market. At the same time, he stressed that one Bitcoin will be able to equal the price of Lamborghini by 2022, and become the equivalent of one bugatti sports car in 2023.

If we talk about cars, almost all of 2019 for one Bitcoin could be purchased used Honda Civic 2010, but when the price reached record highs - for Bitcoin you can afford a new Tesla Model 3.

One of the main mistakes of the head of Kraken called the price forecasts for one Bitcoin in dollars, stressing that the inflation of the U.S. currency should never be discounted

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