Analisis Harga EOS: Prediksi untuk April 2021

Over the past week, Bitcoin has added more than $7,000 in price and rose from $51,850 to $59,068. This gave an impetus to altcoins. Including the EOS token.

After an active growth of 31.50% this week, the coin was able to recover, overcoming the last downtrend. In the last 24 hours alone, the token has added more than 17% in price, trading on Binance at $5.20.

Looking at yesterday's candle it becomes clear that the bears are trying to bend the price down. But the bulls continue to buy EOS even during periods of recession. Thus only increasing the price of discovery.

RSI and moving average indicate that EOS now belongs to the bulls again. The next potential coin resistance level is $5.60. Earlier on Wednesday, its value fluctuated at $4.4-$4.5 per coin.

If the bulls can hold back control, we"risk" jumping to $8.00 on Binance as early as this month. But if the number of orders for sale breaks the 20-day moving average of $4.19, the next "stop" will be the resistance mark of $3.60.

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