DOGE memiliki potensi pertumbuhan 30%

Cryptocurrency has a solid foundation to reach $0.69. For a digital asset that was trading at two zeros after a comma a couple of weeks ago, this is a great achievement

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is trading at $0.41. Despite the fact that the graphics of most cryptocurrencies turned red on Sunday, DOGE is growing. During the day the increase was 22.27%.

On the cryptocurrency chart clearly drew the pattern "cup with a handle." The handle is located high. This means that the current price of the coin can add about 30 percent in the near future.



Dogecoin's main goal - one dollar - is also not far away. Analysts estimate the chance of reaching this cost at 17 percent. Thanks to recent developments in the cryptosphere, this figure rose by 2.9 percent.

You need a good incentive to move up. If the bulls rush up, the next stop is $0.5451-$0.5661. This is an increase of 29%, which is located in the region of 127.2% of the number of Fibonacci. A little further, at 161.8% Fibonacci, is still the highest of the real achievable goals - 0.6895 dollars.

If the #Dogeday really started and gained momentum, then stopped at $0.8411, which is half the current cost. And there and up to 1 dollar is not so far.



The fall in the price of cryptocurrency is not expected yet. The coin has initial support of $0.3225 and a tangible one at $0.3193-0.3196.

On the graph, the support line is paired with SMA and is located just below the bottom of the handle. If the bears are stronger, the price may fall to $0.2995 and then test the recent low of $0.2298.

You can follow the price of cryptocurrency on the Kraken exchange.

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