CoinList - berinvestasilah dalam proyek DeFi di awal, dapatkan untung besar

CoinList is an American crypto platform that helps clients invest in various decentralized projects and some unlisted tokens. The platform was among the first to provide an opportunity to invest in Flow, DFINITY, Filecoin and other equally popular coins.

Initially, CoinList was conceived as a resource exclusively for the initial offer of coins, but then decided to provide its users with wider functionality, growing every day and adding more and more new cryptocurrency pairs. To this end, in July 2020, the platform introduced its own crypto exchange, CoinList Pro, specifically for accredited investors.

The first currencies presented on the trading floor were BTC, ETH, ALGO, OXT, and CELO. A little later, FIL, AAVE, XTZ, OCEAN and other cryptocurrencies were added to them. Bitgo, Anchorage, Gemini and Bison Trails became the custodians of the exchange.

Among those who invested hard-earned money in favor of the trading platform, one can mention not only the crypto exchange of the Winklevoss brothers, but also the founder of the social network Twitter Jack Dorsey. He participated in one of the funding rounds of the crypto exchange, when it managed to raise about $10 million and another $9.2 million during the financial round A a year earlier.

CoinList offers:

  • secure storage of crypto assets, thanks to cooperation with Anchorage and Gemini Custody, which is especially important for traders with large turnover;
  • many DeFi projects - convert your cryptocurrencies to wBTC and invest in promising projects in the early stages;
  • convenient access to the full functionality of the site using a mobile application;
  • the possibility of staking and creating passive income by freezing tokens in your crypto wallet, while the maximum yield is up to 32% per annum;
  • keep your finger on the pulse of the industry by learning about new projects before others, including - do not miss the news about their placement on CoinList.

More than 20,000 CoinList investors have already invested $800 million in various projects, receiving worthy X's. Join them today!

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