Sony mematenkan esports di blockchain

PatentScope's list includes information that Sony has filed a patent for eSports gaming service ESport

It is a platform that allows the use of fiat and digital currencies in order to bet on esports competitions. The patent application was filed back in 2019, but the answer was given only in May 2021.

Sony has patented a technology where they were able to use fiat and digital currencies to bet on the outcome of a sporting event.

A feature of this technology is:

  • Earnings on bets during live broadcast.
  • Sports odds will be calculated by the artificial intelligence system.
  • Cash and non-cash bets are accepted. Both fiat/digital currencies and gaming assets, NFT and other virtual values.

Despite patenting this technology, it is not exclusive to Playstation. Such technology will be introduced by Sony in partnership with other manufacturers (Microsoft, Nintendo, etc.). It will be used for AR/VR devices with DAI, software products for game consoles, smart TVs, smartphones.

Recall that not only Sony is interested in blockchain technology. Ubisoft, a maker of popular games, became a Tezos blockchain site in April that checks transactions.

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