Tingkat hash yang lambat membuat bitcoin lebih murah menjadi $ 51.500

Bitcoin hashrate has fallen from a high of 215 EH/s from 15.04.2021. On April 17, this figure was 110 EH/s, and on April 18 partially recovered to 150 EH/s

Falling to 110 EH/s, almost half, was the black swan - a situation that no one expected. In the wake of stable growth, the black swan can completely turn the tide.

Because of this, the value of Bitcoin on April 18, according to CoinMarketCap, fell to $53,800. According to TradingView, Sunday's minimum was $51,500. All other altcoins were also affected.



Recall that we have already written, what is the reason for the decline in the activity of miners. The accident in Xinjiang, where many mining enterprises are located, was a safety check and the power supply was cut off en masse.

The accident happened on April 10. A series of explosions flooded the mine with miners. Authorities in the region stopped the electricity supply for inspection. Because of this, the mining pools, leading in the world TOP, have reduced their activity:

  • BTC.com by 18.9%.
  • Binance is 20%.
  • Poolin at 33%.

Chinese miners provide 65 to 70 percent of the capacity for Bitcoin mining. Xinjiang has 20-36 percent of bitcoin hashrate.

Commenting on this situation, Willy Wu said that the price of bitcoin depended on the rate of hashing. It is not surprising, therefore, that this is the case. You can see the current price of bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.



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