Mongolia Dalam mempekerjakan asisten untuk menemukan penambang ilegal

The Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission (DRC), formerly the epicenter of mining, has hired a contractor to find illegal digital currency miners.

The Chinese department chose Inner Mongolia Mengze Engineering Management Limited as the contractor. It took the commission only a week to find a worthy candidate. To discourage illegal mining in the province, the companies will allocate a budget of 46,000. With the help of contractor, officials will form a dedicated unit for exploration, continuous analysis, and rapid detection of digital currency mining activity in the region.

Inspections for detecting miners have long crossed the line of data centers and other industrial enterprises. Now the search for mining rigs is carried out even in educational and research institutions of several Chinese provinces. The authorities suspect that someone may follow the example of other countries, where earlier law enforcement officers discovered hidden mining centers "next door" to laboratories and supercomputers.

As one of the main reasons for such an active search for illegal miners this fall, the PRC government cited concerns about the lack of electricity for the winter of 2021-2022. Previously, this has also been cited as a reason for tightening mining policies in general.

To study the mining industry at a deeper level, DRC representatives have identified what interests them in the first place:

  • production and development of operations related to the extraction of digital currencies
  • physical distribution of these operations at the local level
  • analysis of mining equipment and its power consumption
  • legal basis for restricting mining in the provinces
  • the impact of the closure of digital currency mining on achieving zero carbon emissions
  • separation of mining operations from projects related to big data and cloud computing
  • price, revenue, taxation of mining operations, and the amount of energy they consume
  • regulatory environment for a new asset class locally and internationally
  • the mechanism for regulating the rules to ban the mining of cryptocurrencies
  • political incentives from the authorities for companies operating in the big data and cloud computing industries

Despite the efforts of officials, some Chinese miners decided to secretly resume mining of cryptocurrencies, having waited several months after the ban and "witch hunt" by the state. However, how long their activity on power grids and dozens of physical mining rigs can go unnoticed is a big question.

The last province to form a working group to oppose miners and support the government ban was Hebei. Most of the other strongholds for the production of digital currencies "fell" back in the spring, after which the locals had to massively sell their installations, or move them to the territory of North America and Kazakhstan.

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