Penambang ETH menghasilkan $ 1,38 miliar pada bulan Maret

The rise in the price of the cryptocurrency Ethereum to a new maximum stimulated commissions in the network. ETH miners generated $1.38 billion in revenue in March

The February result was also impressive. It turns out miners earned $1.37 billion on commissions and mining, and yet this figure was $10 million less than in March.



Looking at the graph, it is clear that the revenue from the commission decreased when transferring funds in the Ethereum blockchain. In February, commissions accounted for 52.87% of the total revenue of miners. And in March, this figure was at 47.22%.

Also, judging by the schedule, the average revenue from commissions for adding one block to the blockchain has grown. This figure was 12.89%.



This has had a negative impact on many ETH-based blockchain projects. Some rushed to use second-tier add-ons to reduce costs. Others chose a different blockchain.

For example, this is what the 1inch platform did. Exchange, transferring its 1inch token to BSC (Binance cryptocurrency exchange blockchain).



This photo very accurately characterises what is happening with projects on Ethereum because of exorbitant commissions. We hope that the situation will improve soon.

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