SOS Tiongkok telah mengaktifkan lebih dari 6.000 penambang

Chinese tech firm SOS has declared that it has activated above 6,000 miners to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The firm, headquartered in Qingdao, has stated the launch of 6,039 miners. SOS representatives immediately decided to reassure the eco-activists, stating that 90% of the total number of mining rigs will use renewable energy.

The number of activated installations included miners from the last batch of 575 pieces received by the company on May 7. But the largest batch of 5,464 miners involved in mining was acquired by a Chinese company back in April this year.

The approximate power of Ethereum 575 installations is 400 GH/s, and 5464 installations will produce a total of about 177 PH/s for mining the main digital currency on the market and another 356 GH/s for Ethereum mining. As for the total hash rate of the company's miners, it exceeds 527 PH/s for Bitcoin mining and 1456 GH/s for Ethereum mining.

If mining works according to the expectations of the company's experts and the trend of rising prices of the main cryptocurrencies in the market does not change, the profitability of mining rigs will be impressive. In addition, company representatives took into account the possible downtime of devices in the event of an unplanned power outage, their maintenance, and a number of additional factors that may affect the hash rate in the foreseeable future.

The CEO of SOS called the launch of miners a logical continuation of the expansion of the company's “mining park” and a key factor in the company's performance growth this year.

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