China mungkin melarang penambangan pada tahun 2024

Researchers say CO2 emissions from mining will derail China's green plan. The situation is so serious that it is necessary not to fine the industry for the carbon footprint, but to start strict regulation of mining

The study, conducted by a joint group of scientists from the United States and China, shows that active mining interferes with the implementation of China's green plan:

  • Bitcoin mining in 3 years will consume 297 billion kWh.
  • In 4 years, the mining industry will release 130.5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In fact, China is now the largest source of greenhouse gases. More than 28 percent of the world's emissions come from PRC. In this regard, the country has started widespread implementation of programs to build a carbon-neutral economy.

The green plan will be stepped up by 2030 to make China carbon neutral in 30 years (by 2060). However, mining calls into question the achievement of the planned results.

As soon as the Government understands this, restrictions will be imposed on mining. Miners will be forced to look for other places for their mining farms. This will be a difficult period for both miners and Bitcoin. After all, in China 70% of all mining enterprises in the world.



Some of them work on hydropower, but many use coal. Environmentalists' demands to reduce the carbon footprint are primarily aimed at them.

China will either switch to green Bitcoin mining, or massively ban mining, as one of the provinces - Inner Mongolia has already done. In any case, change is coming!

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