Chia menghancurkan SSD 512GB dalam 40 hari

Recently, we have told you about the zeal with which miners began to mine the new "environmentally friendly" cryptocurrency Chia. But, as it turns out, being “green” can kill your hard drive even faster than mining tokens using video cards.

According to MyDrivers experts, the mining of a new coin literally “kills” a 512-gigabyte hard drive, reducing its lifespan from 5 years to 1.5-2 months. Although in reality, experts have named a slightly less optimistic period of 40 days. During this period, with active mining, the drive will “overwrite” a total of about 256 terabytes of data. Themselves as manufacturers of hard drives are guided by an average of 20 gigabytes rewritten by the user per day. Consequently, according to their version, a 512-gigabyte disk must be guaranteed to “live” for at least 5 years.

If the lifespan of a 512 gigabyte SSD is just over a month, then a 1 terabyte solid-state drive, respectively, can last a little longer about 80 days. Agree, given the average cost of a 2 terabyte SSD today, its potential mining life of 160 days seems more of a joke.

However, the saddest thing in this situation is not even the service life of the SSD from the production of the most “green” digital currency, but the human factor. Manufacturers are unlikely to repair under warranty hard drives that have exhausted their resources much earlier than the prescribed time. Consequently, all these drives that have passed the toughest "training" for the extraction of cryptocurrencies will instantly fill a large part of the secondary market. Therefore, consumers will have to check their purchases even more carefully and acquire a couple of programs to check the drives of broken sectors. Otherwise, they run the risk of running into not a high-quality solid-state drive, but a "sacrifice of the miner" who decided to get rid of the "unnecessary load" on a website with ads or an Internet forum.

At the time of this writing, the total amount of space occupied by the new token is more than 2.75 exabytes, and the price of Chia on the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange is $1,012.

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