Belarusia secara resmi dapat mulai menambang cryptocurrency

In Belarus, mining can reach the state level. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy have begun to study the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of this process

According to the head of the department Viktor Karankevich, first of all, the possibility of launching BTC mining is being considered. This is not surprising, because the cryptocurrency mining industry is growing very rapidly in the world's largest countries.

The belarusian government plans to follow the example of Russia, the United States, China and Canada. However, first we need to make sure that mining at the state level will not bring with it potential risks to energy or other industries.

It should be noted that Belarus has been talking about cryptocurrency mining for several years. President Alexander Lukashenko planned to implement this process at the country's first nuclear power plant in 2019.

In this country also in general crypto-friendly atmosphere. Since 2017, it is allowed to trade cryptocurrencies, mining. And even an official crypto-exchange can be created, the largest Belarusian bank plans to take part in the creation of it.

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