Berapa banyak bitcoin yang dimiliki MicroStrategy?

Institutional investor MicroStrategy has added to the reserve by buying 253 BTC. On average, the value of 1 coin was $59,339

It has been a little less than a month since the last time the company bought Bitcoins. The company's CEO said microStrategy now has 91,579 BTC. On average, each Bitcoin cost investors $24,311 to buy them.

The very first investment in Bitcoin was made in August last year. Michael Sailor announced that MicroStrategy will invest $250 million in BTC.

Further, from December 2020, the BTC reserve was replenished by another $50 million to invest more, the company sold convertible bonds and earned $650 million.

Then 314 BTC were bought in early January 2021. Ten million dollars were spent on this purchase.

In early February, 295 BTC was purchased for the same $10 million. Further, by selling convertible bonds, the company added 19,452 BTC to the $1.026 billion.

In March, MicroStrategy bought the first crypto three times:

  • On March 1, $15 million was spent on 328 BTC.
  • On March 5, 205 BTC was purchased for $10 million.
  • On March 12, $15 million was spent on 262 Bitcoins.

As Bitcoins were bought, the company's share price (MSTR) grew. In February, their cost was $1,307 to 1 MSTR. This was followed by a pullback to $715 when the price of Bitcoin collapsed in late February. However, MSTR shares are still valued higher than in 2020, before investing in Bitcoins.

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