Perusahaan game Unicorn Forte mengumpulkan $ 185 juta di Serie A.

Blockchain start-up from San Francisco, creating a platform for the development of crypto-game, held a series of A additional funding

This investment round was led by the venture fund Griffin Gaming, a16z, Battery Ventures, Canaan and a number of other companies. The funds will be used to develop the NFT and Game platform, which allows third-party developers to create a large-scale gaming economy based on blockchain.



The largest investor in Forte is Griffin Gaming Partners. Interest from this fund has attracted the attention of other large investors. This allowed Forte to collect more than a week earlier collected by blockchain game developer Animoca Brands ($88 million).



The great interest on the part of investors, in particular, is due to the differences in the activities of these two companies:

  1. Animoca Brands is a game developer who has released such popular projects as The Sandbox, CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity.
  2. Forte, unlike Animoca Brands, creates products that allow developers of any game to use elements of blockchain.

Forte builds a kind of bridge between the blockchain and the gaming industry. This is a more labor-intensive, large-scale, but also more promising activity.

One of the popular products Forte is released a year earlier crypto wallet, which can be adapted to store any game tokens. It can be integrated into any project. It will help to conduct firewall transactions between game tokens and major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.).

Any game maker can not spend time and money to develop your wallet, and use the ready, safe and 100% working blockchain wallet Forte. And this is not the limit, because the company develops dozens of infrastructure blockchain products based on its gaming platform.

According to Forte CEO Josh Williams, his company is ready to cooperate with game developers, offering their blockchain developments. The partnership with Forte will be interesting for both small studios and major publishers of gaming projects.

By integrating blockchain elements into their games, they will allow a multimillion-dollar army of gamers:

  • Own cryptocurrencies and digital goods
  • To establish trade with each other on domestic and external marketplaces
  • Earn real money just by playing your favorite game

Josh Williams added that Forte's main task is to provide easy entry into the cryptosphere for gaming projects. It is necessary to systematically reduce possible risks and increase compatibility in order to implement NFT and blockchain without hindrance. Both players and publishers will benefit from this. This is the opinion of CEO Forte.

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