One Shot League - Sepak Bola Fantasi Gratis Dari Ubisoft dan Sorare

Together with the efforts of Ubisoft and the sorare blockchain project, a new fantasy football will soon be available. The project was called One Shot League and has already attracted the attention of the public

The Sorare game project, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a fantasy game in which gamers can collect players' cards, make teams and participate in tournaments.

Players' cards are NFT objects and can be purchased at auction. The game is in high demand. Many cards are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Given the interest of the players, it is not surprising that the gaming giant Ubisoft drew attention to Sorare and decided to establish cooperation in the field of blockchain games.

Together, the two companies will release One Shot League. Like Sorare, it will be competitive fantasy football. The winners of the game will receive pleasant gifts - Sorare cards. They can be sold on the NFT market.

In addition to Ubisoft and Sorare, the Belgian Professional League will take part in the joint project. The essence of the game will consist of competitions of virtual football teams consisting of 5 people.

Each player will be able to select 5 members of the Belgian Professional Football League. From how they will show themselves during the games of the season, their owners will have points.

The points update will take place weekly based on the results of the games. Game stats will be based on Opta Sports analytics. Winners whose players will be the best in the league will receive The Sorare NFT cards.

Most cards are traded at a price of 0.1 to 1 ETH at OpenSea. However, there are more rare, and their price rises above a hundred ETH. For example, this is a card of a player Kylian Mbappe, and the price at the sale in January was 116 ETH.

In any case, the game can bring a good income!

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