Enjin mengumumkan kerja sama dengan 50 proyek

The creator of the blockchain gaming platform Enjin is gaining momentum, announcing that they have united more than 50 projects under their wing. At the same time, a little more than two weeks have passed since the launch of the blockchain scaling solution JumpNet, developed by the Enjin team.

JumpNet is a Proof-of-Authority-based private blockchain linked to Ethereum. The new solution allows network members to reduce their gas costs and the amount of excess energy consumption. The latter is especially true today, when representatives of the largest cryptocurrency projects massively oppose Proof-of-Work, striving to take care of the environment.

The first to use the solution from Enjin was Microsoft Corporation, which is collaborating with them in the Microsoft Azure Heroes project. In the center of it are funny NFT tokens with badgers, which will reward active community members for helping newcomers, creating unique content and software development. A little later, the largest crypto exchanges Binance and OKEx were used to create their own NFT JumpNet.

The benefits of scaling have also been appreciated by some startups. For example, the Ludena Protocol led by Joshua Kim. According to him, reaching milestones on the project roadmap will now accelerate and become much easier without paying for gas. The startup's immediate targets include Metaverse Ludena World and Luna's avatar.

In the future, Enjin hopes to partner with even more talented people and save crypto projects hundreds of thousands of dollars in gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

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