Pahlawan Marvel bermigrasi ke blockchain

The development of the cryptosphere does not stand still. In 2020 we have seen a boom in DeFi, and this year, it seems, we are waiting for hundreds of auctions with interesting NFT objects

Many people are switching to blockchain to create in-demand digital objects. It's profitable and interesting. Especially for those who draw on popular topics among millennials. Like Marvel comics.

How much can such digital paintings cost?

Thousands of dollars since they are being sold through auction. For example, a digitized Spiderman character was sold for $25,000 (12.75 ETH).

The drawing was created by Adam Kubert, who works for Marvel as a comic book artist. It was then digitized and turned into an NFT token. After the sale, Kubert decided to repeat the success, but in collaboration with other artists.

A total of 25 digital works will be created. You can watch them on Rare works are presented here. Some of them will have additions - artboards and comics with autographs.

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