Korea memperkenalkan aplikasi blockchain untuk paspor COVID

The world is beginning to recover and there are more and more software solutions to confirm vaccination against COVID-19. Today, the Prime Minister of South Korea announced the launch of a system of certificates of vaccination, created on the basis of blockchain.

Like other countries testing similar services, South Korea will introduce a special mobile app at the end of April. The Korean Agency claims that thanks to these certificates vaccinated people will be able to restore daily life.

Blockchain technology has been chosen as the basis because it provides an appropriate way to protect people's data from falling into the hands of third parties.

About 500 new infections are reported daily in Korea, while 77,000 have already been vaccinated against COVID-19. The Government hopes to simplify and control the vaccination with the app. And in June 2021, 12 million vaccinated people will reach the mark.

The sale of fake vaccination passports could be a potential problem for Koreans. Similar cases have already been discovered by Check Point researchers in the UK. They calculated sellers of vaccination cards, offering people to buy them for 150 dollars in the equivalent of Bitcoin.

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