Bounce Finance akan mengadakan lelang NFT

Bounce Finance, based in San Francisco, has successfully completed the investment round. At the top of the list of investors are Coinbase, Blockchain Capital, Fundamental Labs, Pantera, as well as SN, which recently invested in the company.

The bounce Finance team intends to use the amount received during the financing to create its own NFT auction site. Some users have already jokingly named the future commercial platform - "Shopify for NFT."

Bounce Finance itself was formed in 2020 and is a decentralized auction protocol. They ensure the competitiveness of the exchange of goods and try to prove to investors that the future is for open financing. Now, as a separate branch of development will be Bounce NFT. It will be one of four branches supported by auction token. The rest are Bounde Polkadot, Bounce Certified and Bounce Decentralized. 

By the way, earlier the company issued tokens with a ticker BOT, but because of the high price management decided to change the concept of the token. The ratio of BOT and AUCTION exchange is 1:100. All owners of old tokens will be able to easily change it to a new one, as the team does not intend to set a strict deadline for this.

Chandler Song, co-founder of the company, said they would welcome all visitors to the next generation of NFT auctions. He also expressed hope that Bounce Finance will be able to attract the attention of leading industry investors, making its auction protocol an example for the entire industry

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