Binance Tidak Akan Mengembalikan Blockchain Setelah Peretasan DeFi Terbaru

Binance today noted that it is not responsible for hacks on BSC, and it is not necessary to wait for the blockchain rollback

Sami Karim, who works in the development of the stock ecosystem and business, said that the break-ins in the cryptosphere were before the launch of Binance Smart Chain. That's not news. Therefore, the exchange does not plan to take responsibility and take any steps to compensate for losses.

The issue has been very public interest after several high-profile break-ins, including $11 million in bEarnFi. However, now, focusing on the statement of Binance, the rollback to return the lost tokens is not expected.

Recall that the security of the blockchain in the BSC is responsible for the PoSA-algorithm, which is controlled by twenty one operator of the site. The choice of operators is made by voting. The exchange is one of the largest BNB whales, so it retains a significant influence on the development of blockchain.

This fact is well known to many. Therefore, after several recent hacks on Twitter poured proposals to shift the responsibility for them to the exchange and get damages. Well, now we know what Binance management thinks.

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