11% perusahaan di Spanyol menggunakan blockchain

Spain is one of the most crypto-progressive European countries. Its DLT adoption is growing exponentially

Crypto and DLT are used by both individuals and large corporations. This makes this technology in demand and brings a lot of benefits to the companies and their customers.

Data from IDC analysts:

  • About 46% of large Spanish companies actively use DLT to improve security.
  • 11 percent of companies use blockchain in one way or another. This figure was an increase of 1 percent compared to 1.5 years ago.
  • In addition to the security sphere, blockchain is also in demand in logistics. This technology is used by 17% of transport companies.

DLT reduces risks and optimises costs. Therefore, the number of organisations using crypto and DLT is growing every day.

New business models and digital innovations give one company an advantage over others. This is a matter of competition, and the blockchain has shown itself to be a reliable assistant in this regard!

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