Zuckerberg mengisyaratkan lagi bahwa dia adalah seorang bitcoiner

Mark Zuckerberg is teasing the cryptocommunity again by hinting that he is a bitcoiner and reviving rumors about the possible purchase of the main cryptocurrency on the market by Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Zuck revealed to fans the names of two of his goats. First, according to him, got the name "Max". But much more people were interested in the second animal, named "Bitcoin".

The ancestor of SkyBridge immediately reacted to the post, welcoming the creator of Facebook with his tweet among the bitcoiners. He stated that he had confidence in Mark since he hired David Marcus from PayPal to control Facebook's cryptobusiness.

Naturally, the cryptocommunity on Twitter immediately made Zuckerberg's goats the news of the day. Most people completely refused to believe that the name of the goat was just an accident, starting to look for a hidden meaning in it. But while they were busy looking for theories for speculation, the rate of the main cryptocurrency reacted rather negatively to the news, falling by 5,000, according to Binance.

In 2011, according to Jack Dorsey, Zuck killed a goat with a laser pistol, then cooked it for dinner. Since then the head of the social network ate the meat of only those animals that he killed on his own. We hope that "Bitcoin" will not overtake the same sad fate, and Facebook will soon please us with the news of its "crypto-achievements".

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