Siapa yang mentransfer 18.000 BTC ke dompet Gemini?

After reaching new highs of $61,800, Bitcoin dropped in value again to $55,000 in a few days. One of the reasons for this could be the sale of Bitcoins by whales, against the background of which active discussions arose in the crypto community. For example, the dispute about a whale that “threw away” more than $ 1 billion in Bitcoin equivalent to the wallets of the Winklevoss brothers' cryptocurrency exchange - Gemini.

On March 15, The Block researcher noted that there was a massive liquidation of cryptocurrency assets worth more than a billion dollars. After that, analysts at Glassnode and CryptoQuant sought to find out whether it was the whales that caused the drop in Bitcoin by 10%. This version was adhered to by a CryptoQuant employee. But his opponents considered the absence of significant changes in the orders as confirmation that the large transfer was made between hot wallets, and not through crypto exchanges.

Well-known analyst Willie Wu also decided not to stand aside, saying that he has seen such an episode of “dumping” funds for the second time in the last month. One of the variants of what happened, Wu called a data error. Another reason, in his opinion, could be a letter to 28,300 traders sent on behalf of CryptoQuant, warning about the sale of one of the whales. Therefore, banal speculation against the background of this news could become a problem.

Coin Metrics researcher Antoine Le Calvez confirmed the theory of a colleague from CryptoQuant, stating that the “whale” that transferred 18,000 BTC to the Gemini account was BlockFi. But Glassnode was not convinced by such “proofs” and they refused to accept his version of events. The company insisted that the transfer was part of an internal cluster, and not money intended for trading on the exchange.

Willie Wu did not take sides in the dispute about the origin of 18,000 BTC, but stressed that the Coin Metrics researcher thinks like an “infrastructure player”.

Twitter users who participated in the discussion laughed at how much attention even ordinary speculators from eminent crypto market analysts can attract.

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