Tesla menyimpan $ 2,48 miliar dalam bentuk bitcoin

After tech giants reported on their first quarter of the fiscal year 2021, the crypto assets in Tesla's possession became known. The corporation currently holds $2.48 billion in the equivalent of Bitcoin.

This report is extremely important for any large company, especially those that have purchased cryptocurrencies. After all, now they are all subject to even more close supervision of the American regulator SEC.

In addition to the $2.48B in Bitcoin, Tesla noted $101 million in cryptocurrency profits in the report. Although the figure was originally $128 million, it has been adjusted after a $27 million loss due to the volatility of the cryptoasset.

After buying Bitcoins by Tesla, the head of MicroStrategy, which also showed global interest in the main cryptocurrency on the market, asked Musk to share his “rules” for purchasing Bitcoins, describing them as the “tip of the iceberg” for institutions.

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